Student Testimonials

"I believe that the GUE was an incredibly beneficial experience for me. Before I joined the program, I had absolutely zero experience in the wildlife field. I applied on a whim and got paired up with an amazing lab and mentor. Without participating in the GUE program to get my foot in the door in the first place, I definitely wouldn't be where I'm at today." - Katie K.

"I felt like the work I was doing was productive and helpful not just to my learning but to the scientific community as well. It (also) allowed me to find other opportunities like the Invasive Species crew I am currently working with!" - Laura L.

"The GUE provided an essential advantage to my ability to form connections, gain experience, and provide applicable networking avenues. Not only do students get an opportunity to gain work experience (essential for graduation and your career), but you are able to meet new friends!" - Sarah M.

"I have loved and am very grateful for my experience! It introduced me to a field that I was not aware of previously (fish health) and I have come to discover it is a passion of mine. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience both working with fish in a clinical/diagnostic setting as well as a research environment" - Brady Y.

"The Glassen Undergraduate Experience has been one of the highlights of my time so far here at MSU!" - Quinn B.