Program Calendar

Total time for each session is 3 days and 2 evenings.

The application period for the 2025 Emerging Leader Program will open on July 1 and close on October 1, and references are due by November 1, 2024.

Session 1:  April 14-16, 2025

Session I Objectives

  • Meet other participants and learn about their interests in leadership for the common good.
  • Create an awareness of participant expectations and provide an overview of the curriculum.
  • Gain awareness of how leaders help teams function effectively.
  • Obtain functional familiarity with the process, interactive, and content components in a group setting.
  • Identify the different behavioral styles used by leaders and become familiar with your personal style.
  • Learn about other’s behavioral styles and how this understanding can enhance interpersonal communications. 
  • Learn the three principles of healthy human psychological functioning.
  • Begin to learn how to more effectively navigate the full range of human emotions.
  • Understand the difference between pressure and stress.
  • Explore the connection between emotional resilience, psychological flexibility, and effective leadership for the common good.
  • Build an understanding of our identities and memberships in target and non-target groups.
  • Explore issues of power, oppression, privilege and change at the personal, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural levels.
  • Learn about a framework for Cultural Competency.
  • Learn the key components of a respectful and useful mentoring relationship.


Session 2:  July 21-23, 2025

Session 2 Objectives

  • Work as a team to present group projects to the full class in an effective, efficient and creative manner.
  • Increase proficiency in specific leadership meeting management techniques and tools.
  • Learn core skills to increase emotional resilience and psychological flexibility.
  • Increase self-awareness skills, notice your own emotional engagement, reduce reactivity, and increase ability to act in accordance with identified core leadership values.
  • Explore strategies to respond constructively to inappropriate multicultural comments or behavior.
  • Learn how to move difficult discussion from debate to dialogue.
  • Learn about dominant cultural values and alternative behaviors.
  • Become more conscious, committed and competent in our personal multicultural journeys.
  • Examine the tools needed to develop a personal /professional growth plan.


Session 3:  September 15-17, 2025

Session 3 Objectives

  • Increase proficiency in group management.
  • Describe effective framing of team decisions
  • Increase self-awareness in advanced leadership skills.
  • Increase understanding of advanced resource management concepts.
  • Explore the complex ideas surrounding the concept of leading for the common good.
  • Become skilled at recognizing and navigating difficult human emotions/experiences to increase effectiveness as a leader.
  • Embrace vulnerability as an essential ingredient of leadership for the common good.
  • Get clear about how you want to show up, be seen, and live brave in your work/life.
  • Recognize that falling/failing is part of daring leadership.
  • Provide insights in personal leadership by reporting on personal development plans.
  • Define your role and responsibility in shaping a positive future.
  • Develop skills to move forward in an identified arena of change/leadership.