Selection Criteria

Great Lakes Leadership Academy candidates are required to demonstrate leadership ability and a commitment to their community of interest. Applicants will reflect on the diversity of the state including geographical, professional, gender, and ethnicity, which greatly enrich the growth and development of the group as a whole. Applicants will be selected based on the following criteria:

Demonstrate Leadership Potential

Applicants must have some experience in leadership activities. The applicant must provide evidence to demonstrate his or her leadership qualities and potential as indicated by community, organizational, or governmental activities listed on the application.

Leadership Potential after the Program

An evaluation is made of each candidate’s potential to provide leadership to communities, the food system and agriculture, natural resources and environment, and businesses and manufacturing sectors of the economy.  Graduation from the program should not be considered as an end-point, but rather the beginning of the next stage for one’s leadership journey.

Breadth of Perspective on Issues

Each candidate will be evaluated for his or her long term commitment and concern for a broad scope of issues related to quality of life in Michigan.

Open Minded

Each candidate will be evaluated for evidence that he or she is open to developing as a leader who will effectively consider different ideas and views that he or she wants to grow their leadership dispositions, abilities and knowledge, and that he or she does not approach problems with fixed conclusions.

Potential to be a Productive Participant

Each candidate will be considered in terms of willingness to learn new perspectives, ability to contribute to and benefit from program activities, and commitment to participate in all activities and sessions.

Potential to Work Effectively with People

The applicant must demonstrate an ability to work well with others and to communicate effectively; to embrace the reality of multiple perspectives; to grow in working with others across differences, to receive feedback from others, to consider ways to grow and develop; and to make decisions in concert with others. A successful applicant will demonstrate that he or she wants to work with, learn from, and share with other people.

Commitment to Participate

Participating in GLLA requires a significant time commitment. The applicant must be fully committed to be involved and participate in all of the study/travel seminars. Before submitting your application, we encourage you to discuss this with those in your personal and professional life it could impact.