Leadership Advancement Program

The Leadership Advancement Program develops leaders, through intentional personal introspection and growth, to work across differences to create constructive and inclusive solutions for today’s complex problems.


The Leadership Advancement Program (LAP) is an action-packed, year-long leadership experience that will include two classroom intensives, three community-based regional experiences, virtual cohort projects, and one international travel experience to South Africa. The LAP is designed for leaders who are committed to strengthening their leadership skills and empowering their communities and organizations to lead for the common good. This transformational leadership experience offers a mixed approach to learning that is designed around meaningful reflection and application. We will explore complex issues related to agriculture, natural resources, community development, conservation, food systems, sustainability, agribusiness and more.

The LAP offers a comprehensive learning and development experience, combining both theoretical knowledge and practical, immersive application of leadership principles. As a participant, you will gain essential leadership skills, broaden your strategic mindset, and enhance your ability to drive impactful change. You will be exposed to a wide range of topics including systems thinking, effective communication, trust building, and innovative problem-solving. During the full-year program, you will expand your worldview through immersive experiences across Michigan and abroad.

The Leadership Advancement Program is an all-inclusive experience. The $6,000 tuition covers comprehensive educational materials designed and delivered by experts as well as the cost of all meals, lodging, and international travel and airfare. The value of the program for each individual is over three times the cost of tuition. Individuals are responsible for their transportation to and from the meeting sites in Michigan. As an investment in your professional development, your employer may be willing to assist with all or a portion of your tuition. A limited number of need-based scholarships are available.

Key Program Features:

  1. Comprehensive Leadership Development: You will engage in a series of in-person sessions led by industry experts, knowledgeable practitioners, and seasoned leaders. You’ll gain valuable insights into leadership best practices, learn from real-world case studies, and develop the skills to excel in leadership roles. Trained professional coaches will ask thought-provoking questions to support and challenge participants to accelerate their professional growth.
  2. Cross-Sector Collaboration: You will have the opportunity to collaborate on small group projects and nurture meaningful connections with colleagues from various sectors. This exposure broadens understanding of how to apply leadership principles, enhance your network, and foster a dialogue about leadership for the common good.
  3. Thought Leadership Opportunities: We encourage participants to share their wisdom, experiences, and insights throughout the program. You will have the opportunity to contribute to local and global leadership discussions with community, Tribal, governmental, university, organizational, and business leaders.


 LAP Video