Program Calendar



2021-22 Program Schedule

Session I: Orientation, Building Connections, and Beginning the Journey

Dates: September 9-10, 2021

Location: Online via Zoom


Session II:  Leadership in Conservation, Natural Resource, and Environment

Dates: October 19 - 21, 2021

Location: Northern Michigan


Session III: Leadership in Agriculture and Food Systems

Dates: December 7-9, 2021

Location: West Michigan Area


Session IV: Leadership in Building Healthy and Sustainable Communities

Dates: January 18-20, 2022

Location: Detroit

Session V: Legislative Experience

Dates: February 16-18, 2022

Location: Washington, DC



Session VI: Collaborative Team Presentations

Dates:  March 8-10, 2022

Location: TBD


Session VII: Capstone Travel Experience

Dates: April 1-10, 2022

Location: International Destination


Session VIII: Pre-Completion, Capstone Reflection and Graduation

Dates: June 21-23, 2022

Location: East Lansing Area



 Michigan State University Community Compact

As part of the Michigan State University Extension, GLLA follows the Michigan State University Community Compact. The Compact applies to MSU students, faculty, staff, alumni, contractors, vendors and visitors, and all participants in GLLA, are required to adhere to the guidelines in the Compact to protect the health and safety of everyone involved in the program. The Michigan State University Community Compact can be found by visiting the following link:


Contingency Plans Due to COVID-19 Uncertainties

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to create unforeseen challenges. As such there is the potential that future sessions may need to be modified for health safety. GLLA has developed contingency plans for the Leadership Advancement Program that includes online sessions if travel is restricted. All decisions concerning programming will be based on the guidance of MSU and MSU Extension polices to safeguard the health and well being of all participants and staff.