External Funding and Endowments for International Programs

The CANR faculty continue to attract funding from external sources to support and expand various international programs. In 2019-20, 66 international projects were implemented by 101 faculty members across various departments, schools and units of CANR. International projects attracted $113 million grants and gifts from diverse groups of national and international agencies, including governments, foundations, international development agencies and industries (e.g. USAID, USDA-FAS, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among others). The externally funded international programs represent 35% of MSU’s overall portfolio of international development programs.

Endowments for International Programs

The CANR is implementing numerous international programs globally across the three core missions. In order to support, expand and sustain these programs, currently CANR has three endowment funds:

  • Global Knowledge Partnership Fund in Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources: This endowment fund was launched in 2020 and will support programs to enhance engagement of CANR faculty, staff, students and international partners in CANR international programs.
  • World Technology Access Program (WorldTAP) Endowment Fund: This endowment fund was launched in 2012 to support international training, technology transfer and capacity building programs offered by CANR.
  • Verghese Kurien Endowment Fund for Science, Technology, Innovation and Social Empowerment in India and South Asia: Launched in 2014, this fund supports the legacy of late Verghese Kurien, PhD, (MSU alumnus 1948, World Food Prize Laureate 1989, and Father of Milk Revolution in India) towards the development of human resources, institution building, entrepreneurship and social empowerment.

Donations to these endowments can be made by visiting https://givingto.msu.edu/gift/?appeal=19MASWB1CABSMP.