Knowledge Management - International Collaborative Publications

The CANR promotes the generation and exchange of knowledge, information and scholarship across all areas of international collaborative programs. The scientists, staff and students of CANR regularly publish their scholarly work with international partners. These publications are in various forms, including peer-reviewed journal articles, books, book chapters, proceedings, manuals, policy briefs and special modules both in print and digital form.

In 2019, the CANR faculty and students developed numerous publications. These publications have been widely shared with the global community. Among many scholarly publications, three publications from 2019-2020 are highlighted below:

  1. Improving the Fish Value Chain in Malawi; Linking Stakeholders to Policy Makers and Donors.
    By Devin M. Bartley, Emmanuel Kaunda, Abigail Bennett, Simon Funge-Smith, and William Taylor
    The Great Lakes Fishery Commission’s newest Fishery Management Document, “Improving the Fish Value Chain in Malawi,” is available online at
  1. Home Gardens for Improved Food Security and Livelihoods.
    Edited by D. Hashini Galhena Dissanayake, Michigan State University, USA and Karimbhai M. Maredia, Michigan, State University, USA
  1. Reardon, T., D. Tschirley, L. S. O. Liverpool-Tasie, T. Awokuse, J. Fanzo, B. Minten, R. Vos, M. Dolislager, C. Sauer, R. Dhar, C. Vargas, A. Lartey, A. Raza and B. M. Popkin 2021. The processed food revolution in African food systems and the double burden of malnutrition. Global Food Security 28: 100466. Open access online available since Dec. 2, 2020 (accepted November 2020);!!HXCxUKc!hYzp8ZP3eacrWTAl6T7knydTHohPh1VzS6yH--j_vEU6k_aKTwOI8viO0FKqTg$