Accessing your MSU student account

Enrolled students may view tuition, waiver, and payment itemization online under “Account Detail” at STUINFO.

Visit the MSU Office of the Controller's help index page for helpful information about student accounts. You may call Student Receivables at 800-775-4323 toll free (or at 517-355-3343) with any billing questions.

Electronic billing

Tuition statements are only available electronically in STUINFO and are not mailed. The billing system will automatically send an email notification to the student's MSU email address when a bill is ready to be viewed online, so be sure to check your MSU email regularly.

Billing schedule

Tuition statements are posted in STUIFNO about six to eight weeks before the beginning of each semester. Students receive an email to their MSU email account when statements are ready to view. Students are given two weeks after the tuition statement is posted, or two weeks after enrollment, to make payment arrangements.

Click here, and select the relevant semester, to view the appropriate tuition availability date and payment due date.

Payment methods  

MSU's Office of the Controller provides information on payment methods, here:

Third-party tuition payment/invoice authorization

If a student has a third-party sponsor for payment of tuition, such as an employer, they have two options.

(1) Preferred option: grant online access to student account

Students can grant guest permission to employers or other interested parties to view the student's tuition information online, using the guest's email address. Due to privacy regulations, only the student can grant this permission (MSU staff cannot do this for you). To do so, go to your STUINFO account ( and click on "Other" and "Manage Guests." This video illustrates how to grant guest access:

(2) Request third party billing

If the student requires third party billing, the sponsor should send an email to, authorizing MSU to invoice them directly. The sponsor may use our third party billing authorization letter template as a guide. The MSU Controller's Office will post the award to the student's account as outlined in the authorization to facilitate registration. You should then follow the directions on the Registration Bill to complete the registration process for each semester. The sponsoring agency will be billed following the close of the drop and add period, however, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to pay the bill if the sponsoring agency declines payment. A nominal billing fee is charged to the sponsor or student for this service. Questions, call 517-355-8380.

International payments

MSU accepts international payments via FlyWire. Learn more at:

Paying for multiple students

Each student account must be paid with a separate check or money order and corresponding payment coupon. Paying multiple accounts with one check or money order will result in the payment being applied to only one account and a possible drop of classes or additional fees charged to the other accounts.

International student health insurance waiver

Contact if you see unexpected fees or health insurance charges on your student account. We may be able to help you request a waiver of the health insurance charge.