4-H Council


The 4-H Council guides and promotes the Ingham County 4-H program by working with 4-H members and the county MSU Extension staff. Through its various sub-committees, 4-H Council conducts trainings, raises money to help members attend 4-H programs (fill out a scholarship request form - click here), and much more.



President - Abigail Rider

Jr. President -

Vice President - Sarah Ricketts

Jr. Vice President -

Secretary - Harmony Gmazel

Jr. Secretary -

Treasurers - Sheila Garrett

Jr. Treasurer -

Parliamentarian - Leanne Barnett

Jr. Parliamentarian -

4-H/Fair Board Liaison - Candace Filonczuk



The 4-H Council meets at 7pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Hilliard Building in Mason.

Meeting Minutes January 19, 2022

Meeting Minutes March 16, 2022





4-H Council FY 2022 Proposed Budget


Participation Fee Mini Grants