Shooting Sports Committee


The 4-H Shooting Sports Committee encourages the development of 4-H youth through administration of the county 4-H Shooting Sports program; promotion of county, state and national 4-H youth shooting events; development of informational and promotional materials for use in the program; assuring the certification and re-certification of 4-H Shooting Sports instructors; and identifying funding sources, developing resources, and administering the budget for the program.



Chair - Dave O'Daniel

Jr. Chair - Katie Meade

Jr. Vice Chair - Ellesondra Heiden

Secretary - Corey Post

Jr. Secretary - Jayden Rockwell

Treasurer - Jason Meade

Jr. Treasurer - Callie Rude

Certification Coordinators - Jason Meade

Jr. Certification Coordinator - Katelyn Post



The 4-H Shootings Sports Committee meets at various times throughout the year at the Hilliard Building in Mason. See the county events calendar or the Cloverleaf newsletter for upcoming meetings.