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Questions about this website

The MSU Integrated Pest Management Program website is maintained by Erin Lizotte and Mallory Marienfeld. Please email Mallory Marienfeld at comments about the site and include the web address that is related to your comments.

Questions about pesticide safety training manuals, classes or certification

Questions about specific insects, plant diseases and other plant problems

MSU Plant and Pest Diagnostics will answer email about specific insect or plant disease problems.

Questions regarding garden topics can be answered by calling MSU‘s toll-free garden hotline at 1-888-678-3464 or using the Ask an Expert tool at the Gardening in Michigan website. Simply type in your question, location and email address, upload a photo if you’d like, hit Ask and a MSU Extension expert will contact you with information on your question.

Michigan residents also have staff at their county MSU Extension office trained to answer many questions about crops and growing plants. Please note if you are not located in Michigan, you may want to contact your local Extension Service. Climate, laws and regulations, as well as pest management practices vary throughout the United States.