Forecasting Invasion Risks

Tools for early detection of invasive pests

International trade creates major pathways for exotic plant pests to enter the United States. Invasions of exotic species may upset natural ecosystems, damage the environment, and cause economic loss to plant producers and industries. Michigan has experienced exotic introductions from time to time. In recent years, the emerald ash borer has established and killed tens of millions of ash trees. Detections of exotic plant pathogens, such as plum pox virus, have raised concerns for commodity groups.

These webpages provides information about exotic plant pests with the highest potential to enter Michigan. These likely invaders are presented in fact sheets with descriptions of their biology and how to identify them. Risk maps forecast locations where invasives are likely to establish.

This project was sponsored by Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Horticulture Fund. We thank the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association for their support during this project.