• Feb 27

    The Prairie River Water Use Issue – State Agency and User Group Round Table

    February 27, 2024 3:00PM – 3:50PM Virtual Via Zoom

    Expansion of large volume water use in the Prairie River is at a standstill with DNR and private funded temperature studies ongoing; what is the future of the water use in the Prairie River? CCA Credits are offered for this session.

  • Feb 27

    Small Batch Cheese Making

    February 27, 2024 6:00PM – 7:00PM Virtual Via Zoom

    We will be talking about making small batch cheeses: Topics covered will include where to get supplies; some processes, and storage of cheese.

  • Feb 27

    Management over Medication: Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Livestock Herd on Your Small Livestock Farm

    February 27, 2024 7:00PM – 8:00PM Virtual Via Zoom

    This presentation will share tips and tricks for sheep, goats, swine, dairy, and beef cattle herds. Some management ideas will be given on keeping animals healthy on the farm and decreasing the use of medication and vet calls to your farm.

  • Feb 27

    Online Extension Extras Parenting Hour Together We Can - Co-parenting

    February 27, 2024 8:00PM – 9:30PM Online; 8-9:30pm ET

    Extension Extras Parenting Hour is a free online series of parenting workshops that provides guidance for parents of young children as they navigate the challenges, joys, and concerns of parenting.

  • Feb 28

    Chronic Pain PATH Workshop

    February 28, 2024 – April 10, 2024 zoom

    Chronic Pain Personal Action Towards Health (PATH) is a series of 7 sessions designed to help participants manage their chronic pain.

  • Feb 28

    Farm Budgets: Growing Your Farm into a Business

    February 28, 2024 9:00AM – 10:00AM Virtual Via Zoom

    How important is a business mindset and farm profits to your opportunities for growth and success? Join as we discuss how attention to details and effective planning can help your farm continue its growth into a successful business.

  • Feb 28

    What's Wrong with my Vegetables

    February 28, 2024 10:00AM – 11:00AM Virtual Via Zoom

    This presentation will cover abiotic and biotic abnormalities in vegetables. The goal of this presentation is to give specific examples of vegetable abnormalities that will help identify what is wrong with your vegetable. RUP and CCA Credits offered.

  • Feb 28

    Brief Practices in Mindfulness Mindful Wednesday Lunch and Learn

    February 28, 2024 12:00PM – 1:00PM Zoom

    The goal of this workshop is to give participants a workshop with a variety of mindfulness practices to use every day.

  • Feb 28

    Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate? (Webinar) ~ Passing on Personal Possessions

    February 28, 2024 12:00PM – 1:00PM Webinar

    Family feuds are more likely to erupt over treasured possessions than over money. Learn strategies that will help you jump-start conversations about inheritance issues.

  • Feb 28

    2/28/24-2/29/24 Virtual Mental Health First Aid

    February 28, 2024 – February 29, 2024 @ 12:30 PM-4:30 PM Wed. and Thur. Zoom

    The 2/28/24-2/29/24 Virtual Mental Health First Aid certification course is for adults 18 years and older who hope to learn how to assist other adults experiencing a mental health challenge or crisis.