Visitor Resources

Since 1931, Michigan State University has been honored to provide the community access to this unique outdoor laboratory for responsible recreation. 

Operated by the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the MSU Department of Forestry and MSU AgBioResearch, this 720-acre research facility is home to over 157 different native and non-native tree species from across North America and around the globe. 

Money Does Grow On Trees! 

Did you know that Michigan’s forest industry supports nearly 100,000 jobs and more than $20 billion in annual economic impact? The research here builds the foundation for sustainable forest management that provides both environmental and economic benefits. 

Help Us Protect Our Legacy 

Please remember this is a research facility. You may encounter important experiments in progress, including harvesting equipment, tractors, and sensitive instruments. For everyone’s safety and the integrity of this vital work, please adhere to posted signs, stay on designated trails, and keep a safe distance from restricted areas.