4-H Current Members & Volunteers

Current 4-H Members


Annual Re-enrollment & Participation Fees:

4-H members re-enroll annually  using 4-H Online. If you are a returning 4-H member and having troubles with re-enrolling please contact us at MSUE.Kent@county.msu.edu.  


There is no participation fee for each member to participants or members. However, there could be club fees for material, transportation or events. 

Questions regarding “participation fees or re-enrollment” can be directed to your club leader and/or a Kent County 4-H Program Coordinator.


Clubs and Club Leaders/Volunteers 


Club’s Annual Reporting:

Club leaders are required to provide annual reporting materials to the Kent County 4-H Extension office the following:

  • Club Activity Form/End of Year Summary
  • Civil Rights
  • Annual Financial Summary Report is to be completed by ALL CLUBS (even if they have no banking account)

Club’s Financial Reporting:

Club leaders are expected to ask their club's banking institution to send monthly bank statements directly to the 4-H Program Coordinator, Kent County MSU Extension at 775 Ball Avenue N.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49503 and provide an annual report as noted above.

There are two booklets helpful to the financial management of your club and can be found at: https://www.canr.msu.edu/resources/financial_manual_for_4_h_volunteers.

Club’s Fundraising Activities:

Fundraising ideas and activities are encouraged by Kent County 4-H.   There is a two-step process to follow:

  1. The group treasurer or club leader must complete and return the County 4-H Fund Raiser Application form to the Kent County 4-H Program Coordinator for approval at least 10 business days before any fund-raising activities can be held.
  2. The group treasurer or club leader must complete and return the County 4-H Fund-Raiser Report to the Kent County 4-H Program Coordinator within 10 business days after the approved fund-raising activity.

Kent County 4-H Resources for Clubs

Kent County 4-H offers many curriculums based on a variety of topics including animal species, agriculture, dewing, robotics, STEAM projects, visual arts, and many more areas! We also offer many hands on learning options including learning labs, embryology kits, and a set of buzzers available to current Kent County 4-H clubs, volunteers, and members. Any of these can be checked out at the Kent County MSU Extension office. Some kits including the learning labs, embryology kits, and buzzers do require a refundable deposit that is refunded after the items are returned in the condition they were checked out in. Please contact the Kent County MSU Extension Office for more information! 

/kent/4-h/Lending Library Resources for 4-H Programs.xlsx

Help Support 4-H:

You may consider purchasing from companies that have programs donating monies back to Michigan 4-H programming such as:

Tractor & Supply Company

JoAnn Fabrics

State Line Tack 

Bogs Boots


Other Helpful Links:   Kent County Youth Fair (local youth fair)

Michigan 4-H Foundation (grants, scholarships etc.)

Shop 4-H (National 4-H Mall)

Kent County Horse Leaders Website