The Landis lab focuses on the ecology, conservation and management of insects in landscapes containing both natural and managed ecosystems.

What's New?

4/30/21 We have released our 2020 Regrow Milkweed For Monarchs Community Science Study Results! You can watch our short video presentation of the results here.

3/10/21 We are hiring research assistants for Summer 2021! Check out our job flying by clicking here!

1/4/21 Happy New Year! 

12/11 One of our monarch citizen science partners won Teacher of the Year! We are so proud of you Gabe Knowles! Read about it here!

6/11 Visit MSU Milkweed for Monarchs News to read our newsletters!

6/3 Like many, we had to redesign our summer research plans. Read this article to learn about the citizen science project we launched in an effort to keep the research flying! 

5/28 We launched our Monarch citizen science project and have launched it's website. Visit MSU ReGrow Milkweed for Monarchs here!

2/5 We are seeking cooperators for a new insect project. Find out how you can get involved here

2/4 WE ARE HIRING MSU undergrads for summer 2020. Check out our flyer here!

12/5 Hop on over to our Publications page to see an updated list including our most recent pubs from 2019!

12/4/19 Phd student Ali Zahorec breaks down her passion for studying soil dwelling microarthopods in her published piece from MSU Today. Read it here 

10/8/19 A blog post written by Ali Zahorec. A Peek at Life Under a Wheat Field: Reflections from an LTER Fellow.

8/13/19 Congratulations to Andrew Myers who successfully defended his PhD in July. We are proud of you Andrew! 

6/6/19 Check out this Youtube video of Doug giving a talk at the Michigan Family Farms conference this past winter.

5/29/19 Nate and Doug recently wrote a perspective regarding the importance of disturbance to monarch butterfly conservation. It is open access and you may find it here:

5/17/19 Check out this article written by our former research technician, Kelsi Kroll, where she wrote about the mowing for monarchs project. She also recorded an interview she did with two other former research techs on their experience doing field research for the Landis Lab!

5/15/19 Entomology Today featured a story on Andrew Myers' research on monarch oviposition preference and predation rates in different habitats. Read it Here!

5/15/19 Andrew Myers' paper entitled "Habitat Type Influences Danaus plexippus (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) Oviposition and Egg Survival on Asclepias syriaca (Gentianales: Apocynaceae)" was published last week in Environmental Entomology.

5/15/19 We have hired 5 new undergraduate research technicians for the summer! Welcome Shelby, Alison, Allissa, Lauren and Corrine! We look forward to a fun research filled field season!

4/1/19 We are hiring technicians for full time summer work. See our flyer! and email your resume to 

3/26/19 Andrew Myers' paper entitled: Habitat type influences Danaus plexippus (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) oviposition and egg survival on Asclepias syriaca (Gentianales: Apocynaceae) will be published in Environmental Entomology. Look back here for the PDF when we have it!

3/14/19 Nate Haan was interviewed by the Detroit free press on his #MowingforMonarchs research. Link Here: Mowing For Monarchs

3/12/19 Nate Haan (post-doc) just published a paper entitled: “Grassland disturbance increases monarch butterfly oviposition and decreases arthropod predator abundance.“ in Biological Conservation and it was also featured on the MSU Today website

3/12/19 Allison Zahorec (PhD student) recently received a KBS LTER Summer Fellowship for her proposal entitled: “Evaluating Microarthropod Community Structure Across a Gradient of Agricultural Intensification.” Ali will be studying shifts in the communities of collembolans and soil mites after 30 years of managing a corn/soybean/wheat rotation under conventional, reduced-input and organic treatments. In addition, she will collect initial data on soil arthropod community assembly processes as we initiate a new perennial prairie strip manipulation in our low-input treatments.

3/12/19- Doug’s long term work on soybean aphid control by lady beetles was recently featured on the National Science Foundation’s LTER Network website

3/5/19-- ANDREW MYERS: WORKING THE NIGHT SHIFT article featured at MSUToday

Why does Andrew Myers study monarch butterflies?  Find out in this short Youtube video

Many congratulations!

Congratulations to Sara Hermann who successfully defended her PhD dissertation this fall and to Paul Charland and Dan Gibson who successfully defended their Master's this past summer! Best Wishes to them and their future endeavors!

Congratulations Dr. Wills! The role of ants in north temperate grasslands: A review has been published in Oecologia!

Congratulations! Doug Landis was recently named a University Distinguished Professor. Check out the video featuring his work here. He also recently received the Distinguished Scientist Award, from the International Organization for Biological Control, Nearctic Regional Section (IOBC-NRS).