Guest Scholars Program

Our Guest Scholars Program will support up to eight junior faculty (assistant professors or postdoctoral researchers) members per year (nationally), who are interested in low-moisture food safety, to travel to and participate in our annual in-person project meetings, for professional development and an opportunity to diversify collaborations.

Training for graduate students

Our team will offer two in-project professional development members for graduate students each year. These webinars will cover topics such as project management; data integrity and management; diversity, equity and inclusion; adult learning (for Extension and training programs); and undergraduate pedagogy (for associate-level course development). The goal is to prepare graduate students for teaching associate-level courses and/or teaching portions of our workshops to industry stakeholders. 

Summer Fellows Program

It's been proven that deep and effective multi-institutional collaborations are most successful when graduate students build strong relationships across institutions. 

In our Summer Fellows Program, two to six graduate students across the project will swap places for approximately 1 month to access specific equipment, acquire cross-disciplinary training, and enhance direct face-to-face collaborations on specific tasks.