Armada Fair

The Armada Fair is August 16-22, 2021. Youth Organization Fair books and forms are available online in May. Your 4-H club leader will submit entry forms to the Armada Fair Office for your entire club. See page 5 of the Armada Fair Youth Organizations Entry Book for fee and deadline information.


Top 4-H'er

The purpose of the Macomb County Top 4-H’er Program is to give 4-H youth members, ages 12 through 19, the opportunity to grow and progress in their personal knowledge of 4-H history and vision. As a Top 4-H’er, you will become the role model for other members in your club and community as you promote Macomb County 4-H. Once a Top 4-H’er, always a Top 4-H’er. You will become part of an elite alumni!

Who is a Top 4-H'er?

A Top 4-H’er is a self-motivated, enthusiastic leader who promotes 4-H using the skill, knowledge and leadership abilities acquired in 4-H with fellow members, area residents, community leaders, elected officials and non 4-H youth. A Top 4-H’er serves to strengthen the 4-H program through public relations. They are knowledgeable of 4-H, passionate and active in 4-H!

Qualifications to apply for Top 4-H’er:

  • Any Macomb County registered 4-H member 4-H age (as of January 1) 12-19
    • 4-H members 4-H age (as of January 1) 12-14 are classified as intermediate
    • 4-H members 4-H age (as of January 1) 15-19 are classified as seniors
  • At least two years 4-H experience

For more information regarding the application process, please review the application overview and instructions. Portfolios are due to the MSU Extension Macomb County office by 5:00pm on July 1st. 

Application Overview and Instructions

** Please Note* Due to COVID-19 closures and the no face-to-face programming directive by MSU, there are some changes to this year's Top 4-Her Competition. Please see these changes here.