Volunteer recognition

Each year, MSU extension – Macomb County recognizes 3 extension master gardeners for their extraordinary contributions to the community and volunteer program. Each awardee receives a plaque for their honor.

Recognition videos from MSU staff

Although we were unable to meet for an in-person ceremony, several MSU staff members send their greetings to our extension master gardeners and awardees.

Congratulations from Agriculture and Agribusiness Institute Associate Director Marilyn Thelen

Congratulations from Extension master gardener State Coordinator Mary Wilson

Congratulations from Macomb County consumer horticulture educator David Lowenstein

Macomb County Commissioner Phil Kraft recognizes Robin Wells on her Forsythia award. From 3:00 - 5:32.

2019 awardees


Extension master gardener of the year: David PuttDavid Putt




Unsung Hero: Margo Pennefather


robin wellsForsythia Award: Robin Wells

Green thumb awardees

Congratulations to the following individuals on being nominated by their project coordinators for a green thumb award! Names of projects where they volunteer are in parentheses.

Jenny Emerick (Tomlinson Arboretum)

Janet Kaltenbach (Clinton Township Senior Center Garden of Life)

Pat Prisbe (Octagon House)

Marty Van Baark (Mt Clemens farmers market)

Linda Wysocki (Octagon House)

Recognition video from David Lowenstein

Master Gardener Lifetime Awards

5000 Hours                        Dianne Granthen

4500 Hours                        Jean Persely

3500 Hours                        Karen Burke

2500 Hours                        Marilyn Krol

1500 Hours                        Vicki Jastrzebksi               Regina Newlin       

Susan Silver                       Linda Simpson  

1000 Hours                        Michael Craig                    Ginny Crooks        

Susan Cymbalski                David Newlin                 Sonja Sauter                                    

500 Hours                          Mishia Hunwick                 Julie Lynn             

Mary Ann Motyka

250 Hours                          Dennis Beltz                      Evelyn Chereson   

Susan Falk                          Jennifer McClure               Eileen Miskiewicz

Dawn Piper                        David Putt                         

Mary Ellen VanSlembrouck                            

Pam Voss                           Linda Wysocki

2019 Advanced Master Gardener Certification

Kim Bachand                     Donna Baumgarten         Maryann Caruso

Deirdre Coller                   Karen Foust                      Deanna Goerlich

Lisa Jorgensen Markevich    Andrea Lang                Thomas Layman

Mike Fielder                      Tamara Lowe                    Pauline McEachin

Darcy Michael                   Curtis Peterson                 Kelly Quinn

Coleen Reister                  Lynn Rents                         Patricia Rudaitis

Deborah Smith                  Cheryl Tannas                   Mardene VanBaak

Pam Voss                           Sara Walls         

2019 Basic Master Gardener Certification

Diane Bean                      Diana Biondo                   Grace Campbell

Mary Lou Corrigan          Anne Costello                  Jennifer Emerick

Bernadette French          Michelle Garbo                Ann Ginzinger

Matthew Kulas                 Ray Kwiatkowski             JoAnne Lewis

Deborah Ludeke              Claudia Magnotte            Mary-Mackenzie Pratt

Sandi Roberti                   Ruth Roberts                   Karen Slocum                   

Deborah Vigas                 Pam Voss                         Robin Wells