MSU Quality Labs

Maintaining high quality standards is crucial to growth of the craft malting, brewing, distilling and milling industries. Grain and fermented beverages should be tested at a lab that understands which quality factors are important and uses standardized methodologies approved by the industry. 

Raw malting barley and other grains are tested at the MSU Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center Grain Quality Lab in Chatham, MI utilizing methods outlined by the American Society of Brewing Chemists. The lab participates in the ASBC check sample program to ensure confidence in results.

Malted grains and fermented beverages are tested at the MSU Fermented Beverage Lab in East Lansing, MI.

Samples received at the labs by Tuesday will be processed within the week. All other samples will be processed the following week.  We strive to have results reported seven to ten business days after your sample has been received by the lab.

The labs will be closed the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Independence Day. Samples will be processed immediately upon our return to the lab. Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions regarding these temporary closures, please contact the labs.

Analysis options

To learn more about the quality parameters analyzed and methods used for malting barley and other grains, please refer to our Understanding Malting Barley Analysis fact sheet.

  Grain Analysis Options  
Analysis option Includes Price/sample*
Complete analysis protein, moisture, kernel assortment, pre-harvest sprout, DON and germination tests $109
Protein + Moisture using Infratec Nova NIR  $39
Kernel assortment using Pfeuffer Sortimat K3 $26
Pre-harvest sprout using Perten RVA Starch Master 2 $52
Deoxynivalenol (DON) using Neogen Raptor $41
Germination energy, capacity and water sensitivity germination energy, capacity and water sensitivity $33
  Malt and Fermented Beverage Analysis Options 
Analysis option Includes, Sample size Price/sample*
ABV Alcohol % by volume and SG of any product. Requires 50 mL sample $20
HPLC – Sugars, Acids, Alcohol Determination of Dextrin, tri, di and mono – saccharides, malic, acetic, lactic and tartaric acids, glycerol, and ethanol. Requires 50 mL sample $42
GC - Higher Alcohols and Esters Determination of Acetaldehyde, Ethyl acetate, Methanol, n-Propanol, Isobutanol, 1-Butanol, Active and Isoamyl Alcohols. Requires 50 mL sample $75
GC - VDK Vicinal Diketones - 2,3, butanedione (diacetyl) and 2,3 pentanedione. Requires 100 mL sample  $85
IBU of Wort of Beer ASBC method for IBU determination. Requires 100 mL sample $38
Simple Malt Analysis Moisture, Extract, Color. Requires 1 kg sample $100
Malt 1 Moisture, Extract, Color, FAN, DP, Alpha Amylase, Filtration Time, Clarity, pH, Friability. Requires 1 kg sample $165
Malt 2 Moisture, Extract, Color, FAN, DP, Alpha Amylase, Filtration Time, Clarity, pH, Friability, Protein S/T, Viscosity, Assortment. Requires 1 kg sample. $200
*Alternative, at-cost pricing is available for MSU students and staff, as well as government-funded research outside of MSU.  Please contact the labs for more information.


Submitting samples

All samples must be accompanied by payment and a completed lab intake form (before submitting the online form, print a copy from your web browser).

Grain Quality Lab Intake Form

Malt and Fermented Beverage Lab Intake Form


Questions and inquiries for the Grain Quality Lab can be directed to or (906) 439-5114.

Questions and inquires for the Fermented Beverage Lab can be directed to