A growing number of faculty, extension educators and staff at Michigan State University are involved in malting barley research. In recent years, research has been extended to other grains used in the brewing and distilling industries as well as other uses for barley. Below is a list of research topics including 

  • Spring Barley (James DeDecker and Christian Kapp)
  • Winter Barley (Brook Wilke)
  • Wheat and Oat (Dennis Pennington)
  • Cereal Rye (Brook Wilke)
  • Malting Barley Diseases (Martin Chilvers)
  • Malting Barley Agronomy (Maninder Singh and Brook Wilke)
  • Barley as a Feed Ingredient (Jongkyoo Kim)

We've included a running list of variety trial and management publications from these research efforts below.

Variety Trials

Management Trials