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Introducing the Manistee County Land Atlas & Plat Book... 


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  • Manistee County Government Directory containing names and district information of county commissioners, elected and appointed officials and township officials. 
  • Index of Land Owners of 7 acres or more (owners of less than 7 acres are not able to be identified due to the space limitations of the property). 
  • Information and facts about land descriptions
  • Arial Maps 
  • Calendar of Annual Events highlighting the majority of the community events, festivals, and celebrations that occur annually throughout Manistee county. 
  • Maps of cities and villages in Manistee county, a General Highway map, a School District map and an alphabetical listing of lakes in the county.
  • General Soil Map of Manistee County
  • Beautiful collector cover, featuring a beautiful photo of the 5th Avenue Pier at sunset, taken by Manistee resident Frank Post. 


Where can I buy it?

The Manistee County Land Atlas & Plat Book is available for sale at a number of locations!   Proceeds from book sales are essential to the survival of various 4-H activities, special events and scholarships. 

The book sells for $32 a copy (tax is included in the price).  Mail orders are priced at $38 a copy (see specific locations below).


Currently the book is sold at the following locations:

  • MSU Extension Office, 395 Third St., Manistee, MI, 49660.  Phone: (231) 889-4277.  Monday and Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., and Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.  Mail orders are available at $38 a copy, make checks payable to "4-H Advisory Council."
  • Manistee County Courthouse, Treasurer's Office (enter at Fourth Street ground level), 415 Third St., Manistee, MI, 49660.  Phone: (231) 723-3173.  Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.  
  • Dublin General Store, 18372 Hoxeyville Rd. (at Seaman Rd.), Wellston, MI, 49689.  Phone: (231) 859-4122.  (Supplies limited, call ahead). 
  • MacBeth & Co., 8011 First St. (corner of 8 Mile Rd. and M-22), Onekama, MI  49675.  Phone: (231) 889-0352.  (Hours and supplies are limited, call ahead).
  • Saddle Up Gas & Grocery, 12991 U.S. 31 Hwy. (at 13 Mile Rd.), Bear Lake, MI  49614.  Phone: (231) 864-3060.  (Supplies limited, call ahead).

Some areas that currently do not have our plat books for sale are the center of the county (Kaleva area), the northeast (Copemish area), and the very northern part (Arcadia area).  If you are an interested merchant, please contact the MSU Extension office.  All dealers get a package discount on books, in return for providing a wonderful service to Manistee County 4-H!

Accuracy of Content

Answers to frequently asked questions about plat book composition and content:

  • How often is a new plat book released?

A new plat book is released every other year, at the odd year

  • What if I find an error in the plat book?

Please report it at your earliest convenience to the Manistee County MSU Extension office.  Call us at (231) 889-4277 or e-mail us at Our office keeps precise records of every error submitted, and we refer these to the publisher when the next edition is being researched. For property errors, please note the page number, the township name at the top of the page, the plat number, and the exact location of the property in that section. State the error clearly, and what the correction should be. For ad or content errors, state the page number and a description of the error, and what the correction should be.

  • What if my name is not listed on my property?

There could be several reasons, and not necessarily because there is a publishing error. First, in order to accommodate the space needed to list a first initial, last name, and acreage, property must be a minimum of 14 acres.  Property that is 7 to 13 acres is given a letter code that corresponds to the landowner directory that begins on page 41 of the book.  Anything less is listed as parcel or acreage. Second, a name may not be listed on a property due to the information found at the county equalization office when research was done on the plat book.  It is the actual lien holder that will be listed on the acreage. Third, if the record itself was in error or never updated in county records at the time the plat book research was done, that issue would be best addressed by getting the records corrected so that the information would be accurate when the next edition is researched.

  • Why is the acreage on the map different from what I actually own?

The acreage listed on the map is the acreage you are taxed for, but it may differ from the actual acreage you own. If there is a road or some type of other access or feature that intersects your property, that land is usually deducted from your assessed amount. Contact the Equalization Dept. of Manistee county at 231-723-5957 for a more in-depth explanation.

Rockford Map Publishers

The Manistee County Land Atlas & Plat Book is published by...

Rockford Map Publishers, Inc.
124 North Water Street, Suite 10, Rockford, IL 61107