Ways to Earn Education Credits

MSU Extension Master Gardeners (EMGs) need to earn 10 education credits each year as part of their annual re-certification by:

  • Attending MSU Extension programs, events and webinars that meet the MSU EMG Mission.
  • Re-reading chapters of the EMG Training Manual.
  • Reading relevant MSU Extension News Articles, Bulletins, etc.
  • Other science-based educational opportunities that meet the MSU EMG mission.

All opportunities on this website qualify for MSU EMG education.  Watch or read anything posted on this website and record it in Volunteer Central to earn those credits.


Required of all MSU EMGs in order to recertify in January 2023:

Reporting Child Abuse (0.25 hr).  Log into Volunteer Central and click on link at the bottom to view.


Upcoming Live Webinars and Events:

Plant Quest - 2023 Fee-based series featuring many great speakers

Smart Gardening with Vegetables 101 - LIVE! Fee-based beginner vegetable series 


Free Recorded Webinars:

New Postings for 2022:

Geophytes for Neophytes  (1.25 hrs) Isabel Branstrom and Dr. Sarah Rautio, MSU Extension

Spruce Decline (1.25 hrs) Dr. Monique Sakalidis, MSU Dept of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences; MSU Dept of Forestry

Managing Habitat for Monarch Butterflies (MSUE Hort Cafe) (1 hr) Dr Nate Haan, MSU Dept of Entomology

Berries and BIrds (MSUE Hort Cafe) (1 hr) Dr Jen Owen, MSU Dept of Fisheries and Wildlife

Seed Starting - To the Windowsill and Beyond! (MSUE DIG IN) (1.25 hrs) Dr. Lori Imboden, former MSUE Consumer Horticulture Educator

Smart Shorelands (Part 1) Michigan's Water Resources-Exploration of Shore Plants and Practices (MSUE DIG IN) (1.5 hrs) Erick Elgin, MSU Extension Water Quality Educator

Smart Shorelands (Part 2) Stormwater is Everyone's Problem! (MSUE DIG IN) (1 hr) Bindu Bhakta, MSU Extension Water Quality Educator

Smart Shorelands (Part 3) Kool Critters that Live Near the Shore and Impactful Rain Gardens (MSUE DIG IN) (1 hr) Paige Filice, MSU Water Resource and Aquatic Educator

Smart Lawn Alternatives - Sedges and Much More! (MSUE DIG IN) (1.25 hrs) Barslund Judd, MSUE Consumer Horticulture Educator

Berried Treasures (MSUE DIG IN) (1 hr) Dr Nate Walton, MSUE Consumer Horticulture Educator

Smart Soils - Sustainability Beneath the Surface  (MSUE DIG IN) (1.25 hrs) Dr. George Bird, MSU Professor Emeritus, Department of Entomology

Insect Life Cycles—Web of Headliners (MSUE DIG IN) (1 hr) Dr. David Lowenstein, MSU Extension Consumer Horticulture Educator

Smart Gardening—Veggie Garden Season Extension (MSUE DIG IN) (1.25 hrs) Rebecca Krans, MSU Extension Consumer Horticulture Educator

Brighten your Day! Lighting for Indoor Plants (MSUE DIG IN) (1 hr) Christopher Imler, MSU Extension Consumer Horticulture Educator

Creating Smart Pollinator Meadows (MSUE DIG IN) (1 hr) Isabel Branstrom, former MSU Extension Consumer Horticulture Educator

Garden-Size Trees (MSUE DIG IN) (1.25 hrs) Rebecca Finneran, MSU Extension Senior Horticulture Educator


Older Postings:

Cabin Fever Conversations (0.5-1.0 hrs each) Various guests.