Extension Master Gardener Liability

MSU liability insurance coverage is extended to re-certified MSU Extension Master Gardeners (EMGs) and trainees who have successfully completed the Volunteer Selection Process (VSP) and are volunteering in good faith for the University on MSU Extension staff- approved volunteer projects (via the Volunteer Project Proposal Form).

This coverage applies only to efforts while engaged in MSU Extension staff- approved volunteer projects and does not attach to the title “Extension Master Gardener”.

The coverage does not extend to other organizations or groups with which an Extension Master Gardener volunteer is working. Note that EMGs may also be covered by the liability insurance provided by the non-profit organization(s) for which the EMG is completing volunteer service hours.

An EMG volunteer must not sign contracts or leases assuming liability responsibility on behalf of MSU Extension or between MSUE and other organizations or groups. Staff-approved projects which require contracts or “Facilities Use” agreements must have the document approved by appropriate MSU Risk Management personnel, with confirmation of approval, prior to project commencement. The additional document(s) should be routed to mg@msu.edu and the State Coordinator a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks prior to onset.