Extension Master Gardener Program Code of Conduct

Every Extension Master Gardener (EMG) trainee is required to read and accept the MSU Extension Master Gardener Program Code of Conduct. This document is a contractual agreement that is accepted by volunteers who commit to the MSU Extension Master Gardener Program. These standards guide the volunteers’ behavior during their involvement with the MSU Extension Master Gardener Program. The primary purpose of this Code of Conduct is to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.

Just as it is a privilege for MSU Extension to work with those who volunteer their time and talents to the Extension Master Gardener Program, a volunteer’s involvement in the program is a privilege and a responsibility, not a right. Failure to follow the Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Code of Conduct may lead to dismissal as an EMG.

The MSU Extension Master Gardener will:

  • Provide unbiased, research-based information consistent with MSU or other land-grant university recommendations.
  • Accept responsibility to represent MSU Extension programs and its community partners, with dignity and pride by being a positive role model.
  • Respect, adhere to and enforce the rules, policies, and guidelines
  • established by MSU Extension and community partners and be courteous and respectful in dealing with other program participants and MSU staff members.
  • Abstain from, and not tolerate, physical or verbal abuse.
  • Comply with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination laws.
  • Avoid criminal activities.
  • Refrain from using alcohol and other drugs in an illegal or inappropriate manner.
  • Refrain from possessing and using marijuana or advising on the cultivation of marijuana while serving as an MSU Extension Master Gardener volunteer.
  • Operate machinery, vehicles, and other equipment responsibly and safely.
  • Report any violation of the Code of Conduct of which they are aware.
  • Agree to abide by the Pesticide Recommendation Policy.