In Michigan we are fortunate to have many gardening resources. We can gain knowledge and information both online and by taking seminars and classes.

Gardening in Michigan – MSU  Extension gardening resources and tips for Michigan gardeners, from the first time vegetable gardener to more experienced gardeners with specific questions. Gardening questions may be submitted to MSUGardening Experts through the eXtension Ask an Expert widget on the home page. 

eXtension - Online resource provided by experts from land grant university experts across the nation. Site contains information on Gardens, Lawns and Landscape as well as Master Gardener programs across the nation. Additional information provided through eXtension includes Community, Disaster Issues, Energy, Family, Farm, Pest Management, and Youth related topics.

MSU Diagnostic Services  - Assistance in identifying plant health and pest-related problems.

MSU Extension News for Agriculture- Features pertinent articles from more than 160 MSU Extension expert contributors throughout the state, submitted in a variety of categories, including animal agriculture, plant-based agriculture, the bio-economy, business, home and garden, and organic agriculture.  

MSU Horticulture Department  - Demonstration gardens and special events and programs open to the public.

MSU Soil Sciences Department  - Analytical services on samples of soil, greenhouse growth media, composts, plant tissue, water and other materials used for growing plants.

MSU Turfgrass Science - Helping you manage your patch of lawn in an environmentally responsible, efficient manner.

About Fens - This MSU website contains information on how to identify, evaluate and restore rare fen habitats.

Michigan Natural Features Inventory - Protecting Michigan’s biodiversity, especially endangered and threatened species and rare and threatened communities.  

Michigan Conservation Stewards Program - Giving people the chance to learn from local and statewide experts about local natural resources and efforts to protect them.

Emerald Ash Borer - A multi-state effort to provide the latest information about emerald ash borer.