Smart Gardening

What is Smart Gardening?

Smart Gardening is an initiative from Michigan State University Extension that helps people become great gardeners who are environmentally savvy and SMART! It is a campaign to help home and experienced gardeners adopt and implement real-life techniques in their yard and garden that will help them save time, money and the environment! Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has long been a hallmark of MSU Extension programs but often times gardeners cannot unravel the amount of information that comes their way—-from educational institutions, magazines and commercial product producers. “Smart” helps people adopt proven, university-researched tactics in their own back yards.

Smart Gardening messages and concepts are based upon these themes: Smart Plants, Smart Lawns, Smart Soils, Smart Vegetables and Smart Pollinators.

A first look into the “Smart Gardening” initiative begins at the Gardening in Michigan website where short videos, tip sheets, a toll-free hotline and the Ask-an-Expert widget can be found.

Smart Gardening Outreach

The Michigan State University team of Horticulture educators employs many methods to help folks learn about being a Smart Gardener including seminars, conferences, one-on-one education, media attention, public events, booths, and more!

Extension Master Gardener (EMG) volunteers also have an opportunity to obtain in-depth Smart Gardening Volunteer (SGV) training.

For more information about becoming an MSU Extension Master Gardener (EMG) volunteer, earning EMG SGV designation, or requesting Smart Gardening information for your public event, contact your local MSU Extension Consumer Horticulture Team member.

Smart Gardening Newsletters

A complete list of Smart Gardening Tip Sheets is available under Teaching Resources on the Gardening in Michigan website.