Not sure this is the course for you? Check out what some of our most recent Mental Health First Aiders had to say about the training.


"All of the information was very relevant and engaging. The different scenarios really helped me try and utilize the skills being taught." -October 2021 Participant

"I really liked how modern it felt." -October 2021 Participant

"This course is also helping me personally because I am dealing with a mental health issue in my family, and I now feel more prepared with things to say and do and places to find more help." -October 2021 Participant

"Lots of activities, discussion supporting the topics and well-versed trainers, great job!" -October 2021 Participant

"I really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it both professionally and personally." -October 2021 Participant

"I thought the course was worthwhile and provided practical information that can be applied in many different circumstances." -November 2021 Participant

"All information is really helpful. We learn a lot how to help people with mental health problems." -November 2021 Participant

"I thought the course was great overall and the instructors were amazing as well." -December 2021 Participant

"I didn't realized how many mental disorders there are. This opened my eyes about what some people are dealing with on a day to day basis. This has helped me better understand family and friends who experience some of these mental disorders." -December 2021 Participant

"I did learn quite a bit about mental health. With more of the population having MH issues it is good to know how to respond." -December 2021 Participant

"Before taking this course I had no idea how to approach someone who might be suicidal. I now feel confident that I can do this and direct them to the appropriate support services." -February 2022 Participant

"The scenarios were absolutely up to date and very helpful to my learning. It was personal for me. Now I feel better equipped moving forward. I feel this is such a valuable course that I am interested in becoming a trainer myself! The trainers were awesome!" -March 2022 Participant

"The course was helpful for not just work but experiences with loved ones. The most helpful part of the course was learning how to approach someone that may be in a mental health crisis." -March 2022 Participant

"Having the Algee plan and understanding how to use it was extremely helpful. Having examples and practice using specific words or questions to engage another in conversation was something that I found helpful and believe will be incredibly useful for me." -March 2022 Participant