MSU Extension provides unbiased analysis on Michigan's statewide ballot proposals that voters will see on the November ballot. Voters can learn what a YES and NO vote means, its impact, and attend a forum to ask questions.

Presentations on all 3 statewide ballot proposals

Michigan residents eager to learn more about the three statewide ballot proposals appearing on the ballot in November are encouraged to attend Michigan State University Extension’s statewide ballot proposal forum on Oct. 22 or 23 from 6-8:30 p.m.

Participants can attend the forum in person in Lansing, at one of 11 satellite locations hosted by MSU Extension or watch online via Facebook Live and on the MSU Extension website. The forum will feature expert panelists at MSU’s campus both days at Berkey Hall, Room 117, 509 East Circle Drive, East Lansing, MI 48824.


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The three ballot proposals under discussion cover recreational marijuana use, the formation of an independent redistricting commission and a constitutional amendment on voting laws. The ballot proposal forum will feature a presentation from an expert on each ballot proposal followed by opportunities to submit questions via Q&A format.

White Papers

Along with the live forum, MSU Extension is releasing a series of white papers dedicated to each of the statewide ballot initiatives.

The forum and white papers will cover what a “YES” vote means and what a “NO” vote means, potential impacts of the ballot questions, comparisons to other states who have adopted similar proposals and the latest research that touches on some of the key questions potential voters might have about the ballot proposals.

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