MSU Extension provides unbiased analysis on Michigan's statewide ballot proposals that voters will see on the November ballot. Voters can learn what a YES and NO vote means, its impact, and attend an online forum to ask questions.

Recordings of the MSU Extension Statewide Ballot Proposal Educational Webinar Forums are available on the MSU Extension Facebook page, or using the links below. These videos provide and opportunity for Michigan residents to hear from experts on Proposal 20-1 and 20-2 on the ballot this fall in Michigan.

Click below for the recording for each webinar:

Proposal 20-1: Parks Services Funding 

Presentation by Austin Scott, Senior Fiscal Analyst, House Fiscal Agency

Proposal 20-2: Search Warrants for Electronic Data

Presentation by Eric Lupher, President, Citizens Research Council of Michigan


White Papers

Along with the live forum, MSU Extension is releasing white papers dedicated to each of the proposed constitutional amendments.

The forum and white papers will cover what a “YES” vote means and what a “NO” vote means, potential impacts of the ballot questions, comparisons to other states who have adopted similar proposals and the latest research that touches on some of the key questions potential voters might have about the ballot proposals.




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