Michigan Lakes

Map of inland lakes across the state of Michigan

Michigan’s unique geographical location provides its citizens with a wealth of freshwater resources including over 11,000 inland lakes. In addition to being valuable ecological resources, lakes provide aesthetic and recreational value for the people of Michigan and neighboring states. An ideal Michigan summer pastime is going to a cottage on an inland lake to fish, water-ski, swim, and relax.

As more and more people use the lakes and surrounding watersheds, the potential for pollution problems and use impairment increases dramatically. Although many of Michigan’s inland lakes have a capacity to accommodate the burden of human activities in the short term, continuing stress on the lakes and lake watersheds over time will ultimately lead to adverse water quality and recreational impacts.

Lake Ecology - view this page for information about lake ecology and identification guides to aquatic plants and animals found in the Great Lakes area.

Lake Data and maps - view this page for to access databases documenting evidence of lake quality and health of many inlakes across the state as well as maps for many inland lakes.

Glossary - view this page for several glossaries that define commonly used terms by aquatic ecologists and managers to describe and assess lake quality, health and features.

Image courtesy of Integrative Ground Water www.egr.msu.edu.