Lake Data

MiCorps Data Exchange Network -The MiCorps web-based data exchange platform provides online access to volunteer monitoring data through a searchable database.  Please select the type of search you would like to perform.

Status and Trends Inland Lake Habitat Viewer - In order to assess the quality of fish habitat across Michigan’s inlan dlakes, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Division collects data through its Status and Trends program. This map viewer provides information from that program so you can assess habitat conditions in lakes across the state, identify threats to fish habitat, adn take action to stop these threats. 

Michigan Surface Water Information Management System -This application is an interactive map-based system that allows users to view information about Michigan’s surface water.  It was developed through a cooperative effort by the Michigan Department of Information Technology (DIT), Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  Users are able to view and download data collected by the DEQ and DNR from surface water monitoring sites located throughout Michigan.

Department of Natural Resources Inland Lake Maps -Michigan boasts more than 11,000 inland lakes.  Now you can access 2,700 inland lake maps On-Line.  Click on a county for a list of inland lakes in that county.