Property Owners

Property owners can help preserve the quality and beauty of their lake by making good decisions at home. Here are a few useful sources of guidance for lakefront property owners: 

Waterfront Wisdom: 7 Tips for creating and maintaining a beautiful and healthy waterfront. Huron River Watershed Council, 2014.

Maintaining your septic system: special consideration for shoreline property. Michigan State University Extension. 1993.

Managing Shoreline Property to Protect Water Quality. Michigan State University Extension. 2008.

Protecting Michigan’s Vanishing Native Lakeshore. Michigan State Univeristy Extension.

Lawn*A*Syst: An environmental risk assessment guide for lawn care practices. Michigan State University Extension. 2006

Selecting a Contractor for Lake Planning Grant Projects - Prepared and published by Polk County Association of Lakes and Rivers (PCALR), Polk County Wisconsin.

Photo by - Jo Latimore



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