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Start here! New clubs are added as new volunteers step forward to share their time and talents. The next time you see one of these leaders out and about, please thank them for their time and dedication to Missaukee County's youth! Learn more about joining 4-H here

Club name Volunteer Contact information & Facebook group When does the club meet? Location  
Spot on Shooting 4-H Club

Scott VanderMeulen

Brent Deller

Wayne Mulder

FB: Spot on Shooting 4-H Club, Missaukee/Wexford

Cadillac Sportsman Club 11424 W. Watergate Rd, Cadillac, MI 49601  
Missaukee 4-H Large Animal Club Lynnae Dick

Summer Dairy farms across Missaukee/Missaukee Agricultural Fair Grounds  
Missaukee Hop A Longs 4-H Club (Rabbits) Jennifer Low and Tracy Vance
FB: Missaukee Hop-A-Longs
spring and summer MSU Research Station  
Backyard Poultry 4-H Club (Chicken, Duck and Turkey)

Jennifer Low and Jacob Low 

FB: Backyard Poultry Club
spring and summer MSU Research Station  
Blazing Arrows 4-H Club

Dale Mosher

FB: Missaukee County 4-H 

Jan - Sept
2x / week

Jan-May (Falmouth Community Center Gym);

May-Sep (Lake City area)

SPIN clubs (these are short-term clubs that last 6-8 meetings; they generally focus on a particular area of interest)  
 Host a SPIN Club!
(Short-term clubs, only 6-8 meetings long)



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Club Development Tools

Michigan 4-H Club Development Guide This publication includes the Michigan 4-H club vision and mission statements. It answers the question "What is a 4-H Club?" and includes steps for starting and sustaining a 4-H club or group. It explains the various club roles and how to design 4-H meetings, includes a 4-H youth interest survey, a parent interest finder and a club activity checklist. The book explains how a typical 4-H club meeting is divided. It offers tips and tools for effective meeting planning, planning a club year and working effectively with youth. A variety of icebreakers, 4-H club ceremonies, resources and references are also included. (84 pages, 2009)

Michigan 4-H Teaching Resources 

The 4-H office has copies of these curriculum available for copying, and in many cases, can demonstrate how to do the activities and lend you materials to teach these lessons.  Many other curriculum are available, too. Schedule an appointment with Laura to review curriculum available and to receive training for you and your club. Teen Leaders are encouraged to present activities to their clubs. Background training is available in most project areas -- and Missaukee's 4-H Advisory Board pays for 50%-100% of training fees for youth and adult volunteers. 

4-H Youth Business Guide to Success New 4-H entrepreneurship curriculum enhances experience of 4-H volunteers and members working with market animal projects. (Market animal projects; entrepreneurship)

4-H Science Blast in the Class! This curriculum includes a variety of hands-on lesson plans, including experiments for first grade through high school. Lessons are grouped by grade level within content areas. Materials can be used in a variety of formal and informal environments. You may download the entire section or individual activities. (4-h biological science, animal science, environmental & outdoor education, science & engineering)

Teaching Science When You Don’t Know Diddly-Squat Series
Use this series of ready-to-go lesson plans to start teaching inquiry-based science to youth. The purpose is not to teach specific content, but to teach the process of science – asking questions and discovering answers. This activity encourages young people to try to figure things out for themselves rather than just read an answer on the internet or in a book. As a leader, try not to express your opinion, but let the youth engage in arguments based on evidence. (Approaches to learning, cognition and general knowledge, early childhood development, family, science & engineering)

4-H Animal Science Anywhere The Animal Science Anywhere lesson series is designed to help leaders engage 4-H youth at club meetings or events in learning more about the science and life skills involved in animal and veterinary science projects. Youth may work in teams or individually to accomplish the lesson objectives. Lessons are flexible, providing adaptations for various locations, ages and audiences. (4-h animal evaluation, 4-h beef production & management, 4-h dairy cattle, 4-h goats, 4-h horses & ponies, 4-h sheep production & management, 4-h swine production & management, 4-h veterinary science, animal science