Monroe County Fair: 4-H Division


2021 Monroe County Fair Premium Catalog 4-H Youth Division

2021 Premium Catalog (PDF): The catalog can also be found on the Monroe County Fair website.

2021 Premium Catalog Addendum (Google Doc): Please use this document to see the changes and additions to section rules for the 4-H Youth Division. It takes precedence over any other previously distributed versions of the 2021 Premium Catalog. You will also use this document to view the list of departments, sections and/or classes that will NOT be offered. 


Registration Information

Registration opens 5pm Monday, June 7. Registration closes 12pm Wednesday, June 30, 2021!

  • When you are registering for in-person classes, you are just signing up for the class. There may be some entries that ask you a series of questions (i.e. YQCA certificate number, etc.)
  • Once registration opens, you will go to our county's Fair Entry website and use your 4-H online information to login.
    • Use this link to our FairEntry website to access the registration system when it opens at 5pm on Monday, June 7, 2021.
    • If you have any questions or concerns, or need assistance registering your project submission, please email Sara Lewis ( or Claudia Paddy (
    • Upon submission of projects, you will receive an invoice for pen fees. All pen fees will be due to the Monroe County MSU Extension Office by 4pm on Thursday, July 1--checks made payable to Monroe County Fair Association. Pen fees not received by this date will be considered ineligible.
  • A variety of classes will be offered as virtual entries. We understand that there may be circumstances where virtual entries may be needed to accommodate your needs as a result of COVID-19. However, you must choose either ALL in-person or ALL virtual classes. You cannot mix and match. For example, you cannot enter an in-person market beef class and a virtual public speaking project.
    • In this video you will see a demonstration of how exhibitors will submit entries through the FairEntry system. If you are registering for virtual classes, you will also be submitting the project itself.
      • Submission will mainly be uploading still photos of the project, but there are some classes that will ask for a video or potentially a document. See the project area rules during the project entry process to learn what you need to submit for classes.
      • Check out these Tips for Taking Photos and Video!
  • Due to our continued limitations, not all classes will be offered this year. Please see our Addendum & Class Eliminations/Changes, which can also be found above, to check what classes are NOT available.
  • All 4-H rules apply. Please reference the Premium Catalog, Addendum, and “Rules, Guidelines & Expectations” section directly below for specific submission requirements organized by Department.
  • In order to participate in the 2021 Monroe County Fair, you MUST have been an active 4-H member by the April 1, 2021 deadline. You can check membership status in 4-H online.
  • In order to show a horse and pony project, you must have been an active member of a horse club.
  • If you have any questions on your project area that you cannot find in the documents provided, please consult the Premium Catalog and/or Addendum or contact Sara Lewis ( or Claudia Paddy (

 Tips for Exhibitors Making Online Entries

  • How to login to FairEntry with your 4HOnline account:
  • Recommended browsers include Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Older versions of Internet Explorer may cause unexpected behavior.
  • Please have all documents and supporting materials ready when you begin the registration process
    • For example, rabies vaccination date(s), 840 USDA tag numbers, Coggins test date, YQCA certificate numbers, pictures of animals as required, etc. 
  • Be sure to click the “Submit” button when you have completed your entries. Entries are not final until they have been submitted.
  • Check your email inbox for a confirmation email with a list of your entries.


2021 Monroe County Fair FairEntry Registration & Auction Website 


Additional Resources

Consumer Education Form

Swine: Prohibited Product Affidavit



4-H Auction and Buyer Resources



  • Final Bids By Buyer
  • Final Bids by Exhibitors


  • Final Bids By Buyer
  • Final Bids by Exhibitor


  • Final Bids By Buyer
  • Final Bids By Exhibitor


  • Final Bids by Buyer
  • Final Bids by Exhibitor

Auction Details

  • Large Livestock
  • Small Animals


Buyer Information & Details




The resources below should be used to recruit buyers and advertise our auctions. 

2021 Monroe County 4-H Virtual Auction Buyer Letter: This document is being distributed via email and mail to previous buyers. Please feel free to use this document to supplement your personalized letters and efforts to recruit buyer support.

Large and Small Stock Buyer Brochure: This brochure should be distributed to friends, family, community members and potential buyers to recruit support and advertise the 2021 Monroe County 4-H Auctions.