All-Staff event recap and photos

Thanks to everyone who attended the CANR All-Staff event.

The photo is a sign welcoming staff to the event.


Thanks to all who joined us. The following is a brief recap of the event.

Comments and ideas from the facilitate activity - How can we promote Connectivity? enhance Trust? and contribute to feeling Valued?

General ideas and suggestions;

Face to face interactions

Introduce by name rather than title

Good communication

Greeting each other

Take the time to get to know each other

Take personal initiative

Attend functions

Acknowledge accomplishments

Suggestions for how we can achieve the above:

Events such as brown bags, field trips and sight visits, awards banquet, annual meetings

Socials such as potlucks, informal events and trainings, can drives, etc.

Programs such as Mentoring for new staff, monthly report out from SAC members, diverse and inclusive awards, flexible schedules

Resource Materials such as organizational charts, internal newsletters

A few photos from the event

CANR All-Staff event 2020


photo CANR All Staff Event 2020

Photo of CANR All Staff Event 2020


CANR All Staff Event 2020

CANR All Staff Event 2020

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