SAC Meeting Minutes January 2019

January 9, 2019


Staff Advisory Committee

January 9, 2019

Room 33 Natural Resources Bldg.

12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Attended:  Jan, Colin, Sharon, Bridgett, Sarah, Becca *Zoom not working

  1. Approve minutes from December meeting – APPROVED
  1. MSU Safe Place campaign – Campaign ended on 12/21, Zone 1 winner, Kris has the trophy to update.
  1. February 6th meeting – Micro-aggression training with Quentin Tyler, all agreed to invite DEI staff members Gina Flores and Jenette Riebow. Meeting will be held in room 338 Natural Resources Bldg.
  1. Basketball tickets/games update – Table Kathryn not able to call in
  1. Surveys – Faculty survey has gone out by CAC, not seen one for the staff yet. Surveys below have been talked about but no action yet.
    1. Work, Life Balance Office
    2. CAC staff survey
    3. DEI Office
  2. Anonymous feedback from staff – Colin has contacted IT, not heard anything back yet.
  1. CAC update
    1. MSU Land Acknowledgement – land granted was native American land, they (Native American Indigence Study) are asking that MSU acknowledge the land was native American land.
    2. Colin reported to CAC about CANR staff meeting with Ron Hendrick,
    3. Community Norms
      1. Survey sent to CANR faculty
      2. On achieving our professed goals in CANR.pptx
    4. Other business

*Award nominations not final

**Access to S drive – some committee members do not have access


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