SAC Meeting Minutes April 2019

April 3, 2019


Staff Advisory Committee

April 3rd, 2019

Room 33 Natural Resources Bldg.

11 a.m. – 1 p.m.


Attended: Colin, Bridget, Jan, Sharon, Kathryn, Becca

Not attended (Kris at meeting, Kevin work, Sarah vacation, Tristin & Mackenzie?)     

  1. Approve meeting minutes from March 6th – Approved
  1. MSU Safe Place Campaign – Trophy ready for delivery to Zone 1
  1. CAC update – All Faculty meeting later this month will not be used for Community Norms discussion. CAC is working to compile the data they received from their survey, Colin will share once published.  CAC is using broad themes for Community Norms, don’t want top down approach.  Dean does want SAC to produce a staff document, as much about the exercise as it is about the output.
  1. Micro-aggression training last week – Those who attended felt information was useful.
  1. CANR Staff Community Norms – Dean is wanting SAC to put together a staff focus set of Community Norms. Colin will send us what the CAC has, and we can use that as a starting point to apply as much as we can to stay consistent.  Some points we need to be aware of are different union groups, salary vs hourly, off-campus locations, etc.  At our May meeting we will try to get some major ideas down.
  1. Anonymous feedback from staff – Colin will send out the final document for committee to review, then work with IT before next meeting to look at rollout.
  1. Other colleges potentially forming staff advisory groups – Sarah sent contact information to Colin from those units forming committees like ours. Colin has not yet reached out to them and will connect them with the Big Ten Group.
  1. May 1st – final meeting before summer break
  1. Other business –

*Staffer of the Month for April – Marcia Hardaker, Adm. Asst. I FSHN

*Jan asked about website updates – photos, edit content, Jan is willing to follow up with Katie about updates.  Both Kathryn and Jan have had training on website content.  Colin will email Denise Bond about getting Kathryn and Jan Admin assess to our website.

*Kathryn suggested organizing a book club using the book from “One Book One Community”, release date of this year’s book is April 12.

*Colin will reach out to Mackenzie

*Spring Celebration April 25, 2019

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