Art Installation Project: Wings of Love, Joy and Peace

Wings of Love, Joy and Peace by April Allen

Author: April Allen

Class: IDES 142

“Wings of Love, Joy and Peace” is a first-year studio art installation group project. Each student designed three to six two-dimensional feathers in colors assigned to them. Media included markers, paint and colored pencils, and exploratory techniques were encouraged to obtain a variety of effects. The feathers were then applied to a large wall in the second-floor hallway of the Human Ecology Building outside of the studio to create “wings.” Students, faculty and others were encouraged to stand in the center of the art installation and have their photo taken, while spreading their arms sharing the message of love, joy and peace.

This project was inspired by the work of Naz Kaya-Erdal.

Students: Omar Ataya, Samantha Bleau, Rachel Carle, Yihong He, Kelsie Hoffman, Emma Hunt, Christine Migliaccio, Juhi Patel, Kaylie Pamper, Meredith Remington, Monique Ross, Elizabeth Sullwold, Ella Wynsma

Instructor: Dr. April Allen

Assisted by: Mallory Jackson, second-year Interior Design student


View 1: Wings of Love, Joy and Peace

This art installation shows multi-colored wings mounted on a wall. Each individual feather was designed by a first-year Interior Design student.

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