Bloese honored with 2024 CANR Staff Dean’s Award of Distinction

Paul Bloese, of the Department of Forestry, to receive the 2024 CANR Staff Dean’s Award of Distinction

Paul Bloese, of the Department of Forestry, will receive the 2024 CANR Staff Dean’s Award of Distinction on May 2.

The CANR Staff Dean’s Award of Distinction recognizes a support staff member for their outstanding long-term service to CANR and their exemplary performance during their employment.

Paul Bloese is a research manager at the Tree Research Center on the South Campus Farms and has managed the MSU Forestry’s Tree Improvement Program for nearly 40 years. In his role, Bloese is responsible for growing seeds, establishing them in replicated field trials and analyzing their performance to generate genetically improved planting stock for Michigan forests. Bloese has additionally served as keeper of the history of genetics and tree research at MSU.

Bloese’s work has helped foster countless networking and partnership connections on local, state and national levels, with partners including the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, United States Forest Service, Purdue University and Michigan Technology University. These collaborative partnerships help to improve tree breeding for ecological and economic benefit to society, while further elevating MSU’s reputation in forest genetics nationally.

Bloese is known for his passion and rigor, taking pride in carrying MSU’s legacy of tree improvement forward and always seeming to have logical answers for even the toughest questions. His work building on existing research efforts has resulted in significant influence on practical application of forestry in Michigan and beyond. Bloese’s commitment to promoting and meeting CANR’s mission, goals and objectives is evident throughout his impactful work and positive mindset.

According to one nominator, “I have benefited from Paul’s expert knowledge and relationships time and again and have become a more effective and efficient staff member as a result. His positive attitude, attention to detail, patience and willingness to help others make otherwise difficult projects an enjoyable experience.”


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