Central Michigan vegetable regional report – June 18, 2014

Weather conditions have been generally favorable for crop growth during the past week.


For much of the week, dry weather prevailed in Central Michigan with only scattered light rain showers until this morning, June 18, when much of the region received upwards of an inch of rain. Highs in temperatures have ranged from the low 60s on Friday, June 13, to the upper 80s on Tuesday, June 17, with lows ranging from 39.5 degrees Fahrenheit on the morning of June 14, to 61 F this morning. Average humidity levels have been quite variable, ranging from 59.6 to 87.2 percent.


Potato planting is complete with later plantings beginning to emerge. Cultivation and sidedressing is continuing on early planted potatoes. Early planted potatoes are setting tubers.

Colorado potato beetles are present as adults, eggs and larvae on unprotected potatoes, volunteer potatoes and a few commercial fields with insecticide. Adult potato leafhoppers can now be found in low numbers.

Volunteer potatoes are present in many fields that were planted to potatoes in the previous season.

Sweet corn is growing rapidly in the warm weather and adequate moisture conditions. Michigan State University Extension continues to detect flight of black cutworm moths, though numbers do appear to be declining. There have been only a few reports of larvae activity in grain corn fields, much of this in Southwest Michigan. Late plantings should still be scouted for this and other pests. Armyworm larvae have been observed in low numbers in whorls.

Pickling cucumber planting continues with most plantings receiving adequate moisture for rapid germination and growth.

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