“Communicating through Conflict” now available as online certificate program

MSU Extension’s longstanding conflict resolution curriculum is now a self-paced online course.

person talking on a green background that advertises the communicating through conflict course discussed in this article

With polarization in society and daily stressors, how do we overcome challenges and maintain relationships with colleagues, friends, and family? It is becoming more and more critical to learn and practice skills for navigating conflict in relationships. Michigan State University Extension’s long standing Communicating through Conflict program is now offered as a self-paced online certificate course for you to learn on demand. Whether you feel confident facing disagreements head on or tend to shy away at the first sign of tension, this course has techniques for you. Now is the time to build greater connection, understanding, and humility.

In this two-module asynchronous course, you will explore different styles of managing conflict and reflect upon which styles you tend to use most. It also helps you compare and contrast which conflict management styles are most appropriate for different situations and practice skills to resolve conflict with others, using the “PALS” model- Pause, Ask, Listen, Speak. After completing both modules (approximately 1 hour 40 min), you will earn a certificate.

When asked about the impact of this program, one participant shared, “It has given me a better understanding on what our human experience is when presented with conflict. This program has also provided a very simple understanding of how to deal with situations and tools to handle, manage, or work through conflicts whether they are large or small.”

Registration for Communicating through Conflict includes a bonus module allowing users to access to our special COVID & Conflict course as well. Scholarships and large group registration options for these courses are available by request, email lgardner@msu.edu for more information. Groups, businesses, organizations and individuals wishing to take the COVID & Conflict course only can now do so free of charge. 

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