Conducting a sprinkler irrigation uniformity evaluation in your nursery

A new MSU Extension factsheet outlines the steps for conducting a sprinkler irrigation system Distribution Uniformity check. Items needed, an example calculation and interpretation of the results are outlined in the document.

A new factsheet, Conducting a Water Application Uniformity Evaluation for an Overhead Sprinkler Irrigation System in the Nursery, for nursery growers on how to conduct their own sprinkler irrigation uniformity check or Distribution Uniformity (DU) has been developed by MSU Extension.

The factsheet discusses the factors involved in why overhead irrigation systems may have improper water uniformity which leads to poor plant growth and increased pest problems as well as reduced fertilizer uptake. Items needed to conduct the test as well as a seven-step process to running the test are covered. An example is featured along with the equation to determine the systems DU.

Finally, a rating system is given to assist nursery growers in interpreting the DU that they obtained when testing a portion of their overhead sprinkler system.

Uniform water application in the nursery is essential to maximize water use efficiency and to conserve water by avoiding over applications.

Dr. Fernandez’s work is funded in part by MSU’s AgBioResearch.

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