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Michigan State University Extension has been actively helping people improve their lives by reaching them wherever they are.

Since its inception more than 100 years ago, Michigan State University Extension has been actively helping people improve their lives by reaching them where they are – in their homes, farms, businesses and communities.

Through the combined face-to-face trainings, online webinars, social media, website interaction and electronic newsletters, MSU Extension has made more than 12.1 million connections, according to the most recent data.

More than 149,000 adults and 212,000 youth participated in MSU Extension programming in the most recent year. More than 5.3 million people viewed more than 9.8 million pages on the MSU Extension website. Of those, more than 1 million were Michigan residents. MSU Extension remains one of the most visited Cooperative Extension System education websites in the country.

MSU Extension also distributed a series of electronic newsletters that cater to residents’ unique interest. Last year, nearly 1.9 million newsletters covering 90 topic areas were distributed to more than 53,000 email addresses. This includes 30,000 new subscribers following the addition of the popular 4-H Today newsletter into the MSU Extension newsletter system.

MSU Extension uses social media channels to reach people with educational content. Currently, MSU Extension reaches more than 4,300 Facebook followers and more than 3,200 Twitter followers. In addition, Michigan 4-H families and volunteers stay informed about activities through social media channels, including on Michigan 4-H Facebook, with more than 4,700 likes, and on Twitter with more than 1,456 followers.

Year-to-year increase using most recently available data:

  • 36.90% increase in connections made by MSU Extension
  • 0.13% increase in adult participation in MSU Extension programs
  • 4.58% increase in youth participation in MSU Extension programs
  • 46.80% increase in MSU Extension website unique visits
  • 412% increase in sign-ups for topic newsletter distribution

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