David Ortega Shares Insights with Forbes on the Economics of Coffee Farming

David Ortega, AFRE’s Associate Professor and a collaborator on FSP’s Africa Great Lakes Coffee (AGLC) project shares insights on the coffee farming crisis based on his FSP funded research in Rwanda.

AFRE’s Associate Professor and a collaborator on Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy’s Africa Great Lakes Coffee (AGLC) project, David Ortega, offers insights on the economics of coffee farming in this latest issue of Forbes. The article, “Coffee Farmers Are In Crisis. Starbucks Wants To Help” highlights the crisis coffee farmers are facing globally because of record low price of coffee.  Ortega’s research, funded through FSP’s Associate Award AGLC, focused on improving Rwandan farmers’ incomes by increasing their coffee yields and lowering the cost of production. The article explores the economic challenges coffee farmers face and the harm caused to the industry by lower prices.

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