Fundraising the healthy way

Many schools, sports groups and youth organizations fund raise to earn money for their programs. This article explores different ways to raise funds that don’t put unhealthy treats and food into the community.

We have all seen the boxes of chocolate bars, candy or cookies that the kid next door is selling for their school or youth organization. Those sugary treats may be easy for a young child to go door-to-door to sell, but the product is very unhealthy for the buyer. 

As communities around the state and nation are trying to become healthier, it is important that our fund raising programs are looking at ways they too can contribute to a healthier community. 

Michigan Action for Healthy Kids created a list of fun fund raising ideas that can be used to avoid selling foods of limited nutritional value or sugary treats. Here are some great ideas from their list:

  • Healthy food ideas: Bottled Water with school/organization logo, boxes of citrus fruits, nuts, popcorn and specialty shaped pasta.
  • Fun and entertaining ideas: Dances, talent shows, buttons, singing telegrams or flowers.
  • Activity related ideas: Skate night, walk-a-thon, golf tournament or bowling night.
  • Community related ideas: Car washes, gift wrapping and family portraits.
  • Material ideas: Candles, jewelry, house decorations, holiday ornaments, greeting cards/stationary, books, calendars and magazines.

Michigan State University Extension encourages youth to stay healthy by being active and eating nutritional foods.  We encourage youth groups, schools and other organized community groups to think healthy when planning their next fundraising event. 

To learn more from MSU Extension about ways to stay healthy, visit the website or contact your local MSU Extension office.

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