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Doctoral student Molly Good premieres her video delivering the message of why it's not only a legal requirement -- but a great idea and a pro-conservation act to get a fishing license before casting that line or net. the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is featuring her film Conservation Benefits of Buying a Fishing License on it's site. TImely since April 1 marks Michigan's first day to of the season to require a license.

Molly says:

"Last spring, I participated in a graduate seminar, “Telling Your Story: Communicating Research to Diverse Audiences,” taught by Jordan Burroughs, Jo Latimore, Ph.D., and Erin Dreelin, Ph.D. at Michigan State University (MSU). As part of the seminar, I was instructed to create a short video detailing my research interests or sharing an outreach story.

"For most of my young adult life, I have observed that my friends and family members often fish without a license or, at least, they are unaware of why we, as citizens, must purchase licenses to fish and hunt in the first place.

"I chose to create a short video, “Legally Licensed: Conservation Benefits of Buying a Fishing License,” to share an important message about obtaining funds for fisheries conservation and management efforts through fishing license and equipment sales in Michigan.

"I hope this short video serves as an educational and outreach tool to inform others about maintaining our privilege to fish and our duty to engage in the process of securing funds for future conservation and management efforts.

"As part of the 2015 Fisheries and Wildlife Film Festival at MSU, this short video was voted to receive a first place recognition award among fourteen other short videos.

"Since May 2015, I have worked with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Division and their communications team on editing the short video for the department’s official website.

"I want to thank fisheries chief Jim Dexter, and communications team members Tami Pattison, Suzanne Stone, and Elyse Walter for their assistance with this project."

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