Iretskaia receives Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching Award

Tanya Iretskaia to receive 2024 CANR Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching Award

Tanya Iretskaia, of the Department of Community Sustainability, will receive the 2024 CANR Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching Award on May 2.

The CANR Graduate Student Teaching Award recognizes graduate students for their exceptional teaching skills, implementation of innovative techniques and their contributions to undergraduate programs and impact on students' careers and colleagues' teaching/advising practices.

Tatiana “Tanya” Iretskaia is a doctoral candidate in the Sustainable Tourism and Protected Areas Management program. Iretskaia came to MSU with 15 years of experience in field biology and cross-cultural communication and facilitation. Her research interests include nature-based tourism, with particular emphasis on wildlife-focused travel through the scope of telecoupling. Iretskaia has traveled to over 75 countries and has completed conservation-related or guiding field work on most continents.

With a true passion for instruction, Iretskaia enjoys actively inspiring students in her courses. She works to provide an environment that is welcoming and supportive of all students by continually promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in her classrooms. She regularly hosts workshops on cross-cultural sensitivity and integrates a breadth of perspectives and cultures in her instruction. Iretskaia additionally acknowledges that teaching practices are shaped by each generation of students and are actively being altered by advances in technology or changing context. She strives to continually improve and adapt her instructional methods to best support student success.

Iretskaia has been the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships, including MSU’s Academic Achievement Graduate Assistantship, the C.S. Mott Predoctoral Fellowship Award, the Mouser Scholarship in Conservation and Environmental Education and the Sherman Scholarship in Recreation and Tourism Systems.


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