Learn about 4-H volunteering from e-learning modules

Eager to learn about 4-H and volunteering, but hesitant to ask? Learn more from the comfort of your computer.

Are you eager to learn about 4-H, but hesitant to ask? Have you heard about 4-H? Have you ever wondered what the program can offer to the youth in your community? Or what it might take to be a leader in the program? We have a way for you to find out more about 4-H from the comfort of your home. The Volunteer E-Learning Modules from Washington State University Extension are four free, informative, online modules that allow you to learn about the basics of the 4-H program. Each module takes 20-25 minutes to complete, are self-paced and require no obligation. You can complete them at your own pace one at a time or are all at once.

The four modules cover topics on “About 4-H,” “Getting Started in 4-H,” “Positive Youth Development” and “Leadership and Teaching.” During these sessions you can learn about the experimental learning model, the types of 4-H clubs, ages and stages, characteristics of vibrant youth groups, how to run a meeting and more. Your eyes will be opened to the opportunities that exist in the nation’s premier youth development program.

If you find that you want to change the lives of young people in your community and become a volunteer, you are on your way to a great adventure; one that will pay priceless dividends. The journey to your volunteer experience begins with a call to your local Michigan State University Extension county office.

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