Lumm makes special gift supporting Oakland County 4-H

With a deep fondness for the 4-H program in his community, Daniel Lumm, of Waterford, made a special gift to support Oakland County 4-H in 2022.

Daniel Lumm in a khaki shirt and orange hat with his niece in a blue shirt in a barn.
Daniel Lumm at a 4-H fair with his great niece.

With a deep fondness for the 4-H program in his community, Daniel Lumm, of Waterford, made a special gift to support Oakland County 4-H in 2022.

“We are truly appreciative of this extremely generous gift to Oakland County 4-H,” said Debra Morgan, Oakland County Michigan State University Extension 4-H program coordinator. “It was so kind of Mr. Lumm to give back to 4-H. This gift will help so many Oakland County 4-H youth experience, learn and achieve their goals through 4-H.”

So far, the gift has funded a poultry brooder for chicks and game birds at the MSU Tollgate Farm and Education Center in Novi. Youth participating in entrepreneurship projects sell the eggs at local market stands. Future plans for the funds include additional projects, which will enhance Tollgate Farm facilities and offer learning experiences for local youth.

“Unrestricted gifts support future and emerging needs of 4-H youth development. Funds may support everything from special 4-H projects, to sponsorships for 4-H learning experiences, trips and events,” said Julie Chapin, Michigan 4-H Foundation Resource Development Committee chair, director of MSU Extension’s children and youth programs and state 4-H leader. “We’re so grateful to donors such as Mr. Lumm who give in a way that allows flexibility for staff to use the gift for the area of greatest need.”

Lumm grew up in Waterford and is a current Oakland County resident. He recalls his first job working for Earl and Marilyn Floyd at the Oakland County Fair and horse shows in the 1970s.

“Nature and conservation are very important to me,” said Lumm. “What I saw while working at 4-H fairs made a lasting impact on me. Youth raising and showing animals demonstrates their responsibility and hands-on learning, which can in turn help them succeed in life.”

“I’m now of retirement age and I wanted to make a contribution to a charitable organization that matters to me. Thinking about my experiences and what made a positive impression on me, 4-H is what I decided to make that contribution to. I have an appreciation for the work the Michigan 4-H Foundation does.”

“With this contribution, I’d like for 4-H to be able to continue the great work it’s doing,” Lumm said. “I want 4-H to continue to grow, to continue impacting the lives of youth.”

Over the years, Lumm has continued to visit the Oakland County Fair and other fairs.

“For many years, I’ve enjoyed going to livestock auctions. The reality is that these youth are providing food for people,” Lumm said. “I really enjoy seeing how much it means to the 4-H’ers showing the animals they took the responsibility to raise and can see the pride in the kids.”

“I have enjoyed seeing youth show their animals and agricultural exhibits. It had a lasting impact on me, even going back to years of attending the Michigan State Fair,” he added.

Lumm’s brother, Jerry, and sister-in-law Jeanne are active in Oakland County 4-H and his nieces have entered 4-H projects at the fair. His niece, Jessie, received the Maurine Scramlin Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Lumm is also connected to the work of Michigan 4-H through his sister, Paula, who was an MSU Extension employee and worked within the health and nutrition program area for 16 years.

Although Lumm was not a 4-H member in his youth, he vividly recalls visiting his uncles and aunts who lived on farms and learning the important role the agriculture industry has in providing food for the world.

“Growing up, I would visit relatives on their farms. I had an appreciation for their healthy lifestyle and hard work it took to produce the milk and grains they grew.”

Gifts to support county 4-H programs can be made to the Michigan 4-H Foundation as an expendable gift, such as Lumm did, or by establishing an endowed fund. To learn more about supporting 4-H, contact Carrie Horstman, assistant director of development for 4-H, at

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